Partner in digital transformation of your Finance

UHY ECA Advisory

UHY ECA Advisory helps in finance digital transformation. We help finance departments, managers and company CFOs fully exploit the potential of modern methods of finance management with the usage of leading technologies. We assist our clients along the transition from the traditional role identified with finance guard to the role of business partner, who actively participates in formulating and implementing strategy. To do so, we use modern technologies that enable us to shift our concepts to business practice.

Our goal is to help Clients increase value by optimizing processes of finance management. Automatization of processes such as planning, reporting and financial close, enables company executives to analyse data more efficiently and benefit from applying valuable insights right into business practice. We act upon general assumption that technology and finance are inseparable in today’s business world and it’s the skilful combination of these two areas that can generate extraordinary benefits.

What distinguishes us is the complexity of our services. We are not only finance experts, but also IT specialists. We provide traditional financial services and at the same time efficiently maintain financial IT systems. Our financial background enables us to understand clients problems and apply this knowledge in practice. That way, we can perfectly address key problematic issues and serve customers as a complex solution that comprises process design, constantly developed tailor-made tools, performing day-to-day operations dedicated to finance controllers, detailed interpretation of results and data-based recommendations.

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